Tongue Tied Twins & Tandem Nursing


I’m a first time mom, breastfeeding twins. Our journey hasn’t been easy, but I’m so thankful we never gave up! We began our care with Freedom Chiropractic and Doctor Sara, in February of 2017. I was a frantic mom searching for ways to help my tongue and lip tied babies. Before we made it to, Dr. Sara, my girls had endured so much! By 11 weeks old my girls had undergone two frenectomies. Chiropractic care was suggested to help release tension in the jaw, but my husband and I were very leery. We did a little research and made a decision. The consultation was free so we thought, what could it hurt to just check it out? After a few weeks of care we began to see various differences in our girls, not only with latch issues, but also digestion. By the time my girls were 3 Months Old, roughly three weeks after their first adjustments, I was exclusively breastfeeding my girls! What a joyous occasion it was when I finally packed up my breast pump and the girls no longer needed bottles! It’s been our greatest adventure with not only having twins, but for me to be able to breastfeed an entire year! We are so thankful for Freedom Chiropractic and all the care given to our family!