Toddler - Growing Without Feeding Tube!


Last April the doctor wanted Camryn to see a GI doctor because she was falling off the growth chart. We went to see them and after several blood tests and visits later they wanted me to put her on a feeding tube for 6 months and they just didn’t think me nursing was giving her what she needed. I told them I really didn’t want to do that and asked if there are any other options. They told me they wanted to see if she would take a “gross tasting” formula but I had to completely stop nursing for her to take it. They gave me a formula that was for babies who couldn’t tolerate normal formula because they said she was allergic to something. They told me if she didn’t, I needed to come back immediately and get a feeding tube because I was putting her brain development at risk. I left there so confused and scared if I was making the right decision. All parents know that feeling at some time or another. She wouldn’t take a bottle for anything. She screamed and she desperately wanted to nurse. I couldn’t NOT feed her when she was underweight as it was. I just cried and had to nurse her. I knew that having a feeding tube wasn’t the best for her. I ran into a lady at the store and we started talking and she asked me if I had ever thought of chiropractic care. She made me want to learn more about it so I made an appointment with Dr. Sara immediately. She taught us so much and I began care for Camryn. Seriously amazing results! I then started care for me and for my kids. Camryn was eating like crazy and digesting properly. While she is still small, the doctors say she is maintaining her weight and is healthy as can be! Thank you, Dr. Sara and everyone at Freedom Chiropractic.