No More Migraine Meds


There really has never been much doubt in my mind that chiropractic care is a holistic approach to wellness that works. My hesitation to receive consistent care has always been due to financial constraints. I was so fortunate to meet Dr. Sara and Heather at a clothing consignment event resulting in me going to their practice the following week. Boy, am I glad I did! Several ailments led me to chiropractic care: migraines, spondulystesis, bulging discs, depression and anxiety. After just three adjustments the pain in my back began to disapate. After ten years, this was so sweet! After a couple months, I noticed I wasn’t getting migraines as frequently, and I decided to ask my doctor to go off my migraine medications; I am now 100% off of them! Additionally, I have barely had any issues related to my back since starting care with Freedom. So, run (if you’re able) right to Dr. Sara and her crew!