No More Cane & No Meds After Herniated Disc!


When my wife made the decision to get us chiropractic care I was kind of against it, thinking those guys are just quacks. THEY’RE NOT! We came through and did a presentation and I told Dr. Sara about everything that was going on. I’ve basically had a bad back since 2002 when I had a bad motorcycle accident, broke both of my legs, both of my knees, my hand and then herniated a disc lifting weights in the military. That’s when I had to use a cane and the military didn’t take care of me. They just wanted me to get on pills. I don’t like pills – they make you sick, change your mood, make you want to throw up and all of that is unnecessary. With Dr. Sara, the first time she treated me with the integrator, I had come to the office with blurry vision and I walked out of there and I could see the parking lot. I was amazed it actually fixed it! Then over time, I was able to pick up my ten year old daughter. Now, I’m not hobbling around with a cane anymore!