Neck Pain


I’ve had off and on neck pain for almost two years. I have seen a different chiropractor to treat it and had great success. While there were many chiropractors around me, what drew me initially to their care was that there was no cracking and popping in their adjustments. Unfortunately, they ended up moving and I was left without a chiropractor to go to. Just after Thanksgiving 2016, my neck pain came back to the point I couldn’t drive home from Thanksgiving vacation because I couldn’t turn my head to see while driving. I knew I needed to find a new chiropractor. Thankfully a few weeks later I began being treated by Dr. Sara. There was no cracking and popping involved in her adjustments unlike some other places I tried. Within two weeks of starting treatment, I had full range of motion in my neck and significantly less pain. My wife is now under care as well for the first time and seeing great progress after less than a month. We’re both excited to see how our overall health increases after getting consistent care.