Migraines Gone!


I’ve been suffering with migraines and frequent tension headaches for the last 4 years. I never really knew what triggered them; and have seen a number of providers, trying many different medications. As the years progressed my symptoms have gotten more severe and even more frequent. For the past 2 years, however, the only medication that seemed to give me any relief was the Butalbital/Acetaminophen/Caffeine Tabs. Well, with finding out that I was pregnant, it was necessary to stop taking this medication. Now with no relief I had to figure out what to do keeping in mind my unborn child.

It was then that at 6 ½ months pregnant, one of the nurse Midwives at my OBGyn office recommended Dr Sara. Yes, I had my doubts of how a chiropractor could relieve me of my migraines but then I figured what do I have to lose? That same day I called Freedom Chiropractic and was able to get in that evening! I can honestly say that after my first adjustment and after many sleepless nights before that… I slept like a baby! The next day Dr Sara called me to see how I was feeling after my adjustment. Despite her busy schedule, she had left me impressed with the fact that the doctor herself had reached out to me. The ladies in the office were very friendly and answered all of my questions, which encouraged me to continue with the recommended treatment plan.

After the 1st week of care at 6 ½ months pregnant up to now 5 weeks post partum, I am proud to say that I have not had one headache! All around I feel amazing and glad that I decided to come see Dr Sara. I am now bringing my baby in. She was diagnosed at her 1 week appointment with lip and tongue tie causing her to have some difficulty latching while feeding. Rae’Lynn then began seeing Dr Sara the next day after having her Frenectomy. Within that week, her latch had improved tremendously and after a month baby girl had gained another pound!

I would definitely recommend Dr Sara to others who are sick, suffering or even in any type of pain. From the cleanliness and serene atmosphere, to the staff who now feel like family, I do not see why anyone would want to go anyway else. I would like to give a big hug with my thanks to Dr Sara and all of the ladies at Freedom Chiropractic for changing my life now that I am medication free!