Low Back Pain, ADHD & Migraines


I was first referred to Freedom Chiropractic in April for intense lower back pain. I assumed I would see a chiropractor until the pain went away and then be done with chiropractic care. That was my view on how chiropractors worked– you went if injured and then you were done once the pain was gone. However, when I went to the New Patient Orientation and heard Dr. Sara’s story, I knew there was a greater plan for me. When Dr. Sara spoke about her diagnosis and her journey to get off prescription medications, my eyes filled with tears. I ran up to her right after and asked her if she thought she could help me be medication free too. She told me she could, and I had a new found hope for the first time in many years. I knew I had found the perfect person to work with. I have been on multiple prescriptions half of my life, and I have always wanted to be medication free. I also realized she could help me with the 14-16 migraines I was having a month.

I decided my ADHD medication was the first medication I wanted to discontinue. I was on the maximum dose and highly addicted to it. If I forgot to take it, I did not function — I would stay in bed all day and binge eat.

I met with my prescribing doctor, and we set a plan to come off the medication over several months. Each time the dosage was lowered, I faced significant withdrawals, but my body would finally adjust to it after a few weeks and start to produce natural energy again. On November 7, I will officially be on one less medication, and ready to tackle another.

From April to the end of November, Dr. Sara has helped me reduce my chronic migraines from 14-16 a month to 2 a month allowing me to take less medication for migraines, my lower back pain is totally gone, and I am down 26 pounds. My scans have gone from being a page of red to seeing mostly white. I am a very visual person, so I love to see the visual improvements of my progress. I always look forward to my Monday appointments. Not only is the office filled with friendly staff, but I know that I am taking another step in the right direction. I hope you too can make the changes in your life that you have always dreamed of with the help of Dr. Sara.