Headaches, Back Pain & Acid Reflux


For years I struggled with all over back pain that could be attributed to bad posture, sports and a number of other reasons. When I came to Freedom Chiropractic, I was at the point where I thought I had nothing to lose by trying this. Over the first few weeks, I started to notice that my back hurt less and I was having fewer stress headaches. Recently, I was having my reassessment done and Heather asked me “How has your acid reflux been doing?” That’s when it dawned on me, I had forgotten about my acid reflux issues! I had forgotten that I was having reflux problems because I hadn’t had any issues over the last several months. That moment was when I knew I made a great choice in coming to see Dr. Sara and that my body was actually healing itself through the chiropractic process! I would recommend everyone to give chiropractic a chance, no matter what you have heard!