Chiropractic Care After Surgery


In December 2007, I had surgery to take care of a ruptured L5. For 2 months before surgery, I could not put weight on my right leg. Following that, in March 2008, I had to have surgery to replace C6 and have a plate screwed to C5 and C7. I was told I would probably have future problems/surgery due to the strain on the surrounding vertebrae. I improved and began sitting on an exercise ball at my desk at work to strengthen my core but I still had lower back pain whenever I exerted myself and the grinding, crunching sounds in my neck, along with the diminishing range of motion turning my head was frustrating. Then beginning in 2015, I developed pain in my left hip that was so bad I could not sleep on either side, even with a pillow between my knees. I could not go up steps or an incline without pain. The orthopedic doctor said it was bursitis, nothing to be done for it and prescribed Numbetone. It didn’t help. My family doctor said it was probably arthritis too and prescribed DicloFenac. That didn’t help either. My fingers were numb and tingling. I had headaches too. A few months later in April, Dr. Sara had a representative at the annual health fair we have at work. I had always been told a chiropractor couldn’t do anything for me since I had back surgery. I had a quick scan and followed up on the invitation to come in for a free full scan. Some of my numbers were off the chart. Dr. Sara said “Let’s get you better. “ And, she DID! Within two weeks, it struck me how much better I felt. In two months, I was sleeping better than ever. I quit all meds after the first month. I have full range of motion in my neck without crunching. I have not had to use a heating pad or ice after working in the yard in 6 months. And, I am back participating in 5k’s. Do not let anyone tell you chiropractic cannot help you if you have had back surgery.